Rion: Spirits

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Rion are Ian Hawgood and Ryo Nakata, although both veterans of the scene this is their debut outing as a duo. Inspired by the magic of low light periods and the quietude of a summer spent in the countryside, ホタル (Fireflies), is an album of organic, magical and hazy presence.

Ian Hawgood has immersed himself in musical projects for longer than he cares to remember; in recent years he has released through the likes of Experimedia, Dragon’s Eye and his own Home Normal label as well as through several netlabels. Ryo Nakata hails from Sapporo, Japan and records under the name Ryonkt. He runs the Small Fragments label and has had EPs and albums out on labels such as Smallfish, The Land Of, Resting Bell and Twice Removed. The album also features vocals from Rie Mitsutake (Miko).

ホタル was recorded over a two year period. Ryo recorded layers of drone guitar at home while Ian spent about a year gathering field recordings in parks and the countryside, as well as recording instruments such as Rhodes, church organ, harmonium, guitar and double bass in music shops, churches and so on. The idea was to keep the album fresh, improv-like and just quite unique in approach. All these elements were recorded to a small multitrack cassette and then multi-layered onto reels, no software or laptops were used.

The cover photograph is by renowned ambient artist Fabio Orsi and acts as a beautiful juxtaposition to the theme of the album. On first viewing it is a decayed, urban environment, and yet the image has a beautiful magic to it.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irrisari
Mixed by Ian Hawgood

HB51, a Hibernate release, 2013 / we like ambient

Wolfskin (One Last Breath Under A Warm Winter Sun)


Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)

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Well, looks like we’ll be offline for a little bit as we are about to pack up everything, get the keys and move house this weekend! As I likely won’t be online for the official release date, I’ve gone and put the tracks up so those who placed pre-orders for both digital and cd can now download (and stream) the album in full. 

In yet more exciting news, Jedi Taylor Deupree has informed me that the Tiny Isles masters are finally about ready. For those that don’t know, Tiny Isles is a project started by Christopher Hipgrave and I many many years ago (not long after ‘Day’ was released). After about a year we roped Jason Corder in to set it up as a rather odd-balled trio, but then went ahead and brought in Ben ChatwinAntony Joe, Rie Mitsutake, and Erik Schoster in for good measure to help out. ‘The Long Seasoned Sleep’ will be out late summer, unless I go mad and bring it forward loads and will be out on Koen Music again. 

For now, here’s something amazing to listen to by my old mate Brock…one track from his colossal reworking of Wolfskin :)

The Dance

Ian Hawgood & Friends

Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)

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This one’s for my dad…would have been his birthday on May 19th, and he was a huge supporter of the labels and my own music. He loved Wolfskin and would have been thrilled with this I am sure. CD pre-orders are finally available and include a download which will be available in full on the 19th of course. Shipping all pre-orders on the 20th (Monday). This will most likely be the last album of new(ish) music I release under my own name, and I can’t think of a more joyous way to end things on that front really. Thank you family, friends, freakish connections, and especially my wife, and dad. x

The New World

Ian Hawgood & Aaron Martin

Wolven (A Modern Interpretation)

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Sorry for being offline for so long. We’ve been away for a little while in the UK and Kobe, consumed by work and all that! But back now. We’ll be moving house in two weeks but are pretty much back apart from that now. Lots of news including the first Home Normal festival with offthesky, Pillowdiver, Orla Wren, Stefano Guzzetti, Isnaj Dui, Kinder Scout, Paco Sala (DJ), Hybernation (DJ), more shows and stuff as we gear up to our 5th (!) anniversary in March 2014, new releases after a bit of a hiatus, photos and sounds from our last awesome night in London, and loads more. Until then, the new album by myself and some mates is up for pre-order in our little digital store on KOMU. The whole record was reworked and edited by Aaron Martin and myself, and includes re-workings by Dag Rosenqvist, Spheruleus, Pillowdiver, Hakobune, and y0t0, as well as an entire second disc album by bvdub (Brock Van Wey). It’ll be out in two weeks (actually the day we move!) Thanks :)

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Track I from the album ‘Nantucket’ by The Whalers Collective. All digital pre-orders will be able to download the first track, with the rest of the album to follow mid-April. Thanks!

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Finally got the digital store looking just the way we want it, plus you can now pre-order Nantucket!

Really thrilled with the design of the new digital KOMU store now and just to celebrate this, we’ve got the digital pre-orders up for The Whalers Collective. The CD pre-orders will be up in about a month, with release not due until mid-April right now.

The Whalers Collective is:

Gareth Davis - bass and contrabass clarinet 

Ian Hawgood - gamelan, double bass, tape manipulation, reels, mixing

Félicia Atkinson - ukelele, vocals 

Ryo Nakata - guitar 

Rie Mitsutake - vocals 

Wonderfully mastered by the very talented John Twells at Type, and featuring beautiful artwork by Buna, we are really thrilled to finally have this long overdue album ready for release soon. It has been a few years since Gareth and I came together to start this project, with the initial outtakes appearing on our ridiculously quick sell-out 10” on Champion Version back at the end of 2011, ‘Night Shots’.

Please check out the newly designed Bandcamp site here:

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Wraith vs Wrath

Just a quick bit of awesome news:

Ben and I have finally confirmed that we will be releasing the first album in our ten part series under Wraith vs Wrath in the next month on KOMU! We had planned to release on Home Normal, but we decided that given how we’d like to do this super-limited and on the sly, KOMU was a better fit :) Currently being mastered by the might James Plotkin, ‘Kex-Lux’ will be out in about a month in an edition of just 250 plus digital. More to follow :)


Koen Music


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We’ve decided to localise our digital output finally and listen to what many have asked for, namely to have something set-up ourselves that is easily accessible. I’ve just set-up the Bandcamp page for Koen Music, where you can download all our releases from now on for just £5 and stream as much as you like. They will also be exclusively distributed by Boomkat from now on, but that’s it. The pre-orders for The Whalers Collective and Ghosts In The Alleys (Of Your Heart) will be up in the next few weeks to stream. Thanks!

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New works for early 2013

I’m thrilled to announce that a few projects are almost ready for release in the first half of 2013:

First of all The Whalers Collective (myself, Gareth Davis, Felicia Atkinson, Rie Mitsutake and Ryo Nakata) debut ‘Nantucket’, will be out in the next few months and is completely finished. The whole album was pre-mastered on reels and then finalised by John Twells. With amazing cover art by our mate Buna, we can’t wait.

Next up, the debut from Ghosts In The Alleys (Of Your Heart), titled ‘During The Minority’ has just been completed and is currently being expertly mastered by James Plotkin. Ghosts In The Alleys is a duo of Brian Green and myself (Ian Hawgood), and is a thunderous wall of noise, distortion and beautiful organic instruments and arrangements. Brian is a master at creating beautiful pieces from tonally minimal instruments. From singing bowl to various bowed objects, we’ve mixed this all in with my array of stomp boxes, tape loops, violin and rather noisy guitar to create something rather unearthly and bold. Please see the art below featuring photography by Brian and the beautiful model Sierra Cashion.


Next up, James has also just finished mastering the debut from Lantscap (Ian Hawgood + Warren Kroll (Forrest)). Warren and I have known each other for a number of years now, and the album has taken a serious amount of time to complete and finalise. We are thrilled with the album which incorporates a lot of guitar, keyboard, vocals and laden with stomp box heaven (as is our wont). This will be out on one of my favourite labels ever…Infraction, on vinyl at some point this year. 

Finally, Christopher Hipgrave and I started a project around the time he released ‘Day’ on Home Normal. A couple of years after this was rolling we invited my dear friend Jason Corder (offthesky) along to join the group. About a year after that we then invited Ben Chatwin (Talvihorros), Antony Harrison (Konntinent), Rie Mitsutake (Miko) and Erik Schoster (He Can Jog) along for the ride…and Tiny Isles was finally formed. The debut ‘The Long Seasoned Sleep’ is a genuinely breathtaking album of vibraphone, synths, noisy noise, beats, beautiful vocals (when Rie sings…dodgy vocals when I sing!) and pads. It has taken a serious amount of time as with all projects to fine-tune and is currently being mastered by Taylor Deupree.

On one last note for now, I have received a lot of emails about the new Black Elk album, ‘Anchor’. The truth is I got itchy hands and ears, and just felt the album wasn’t quite ready from my end. I brought it right back and it has now be overhauled and is being reworked and reformed by Tim and I, with the aim being to release this in November of this year. Whilst our debut ‘Sparks’ garnered a great deal of wonderful attention at the end of year press review thingys, ‘Anchor’ is more of a complete vision now and is a record (whilst not yet finished) which will personally be a high-point in our musical journeys. Thank you.

p.s. There will be an update on Wolven (the Wolfskin reworking I made with Aaron Martin and feat. bvdub (an entire second disc!), Dag Rosenquist, Spheruleus, y0t0, Pillowdiver, Hakobune), Rion (w/ Ryo Nakata) and Wraith vs Wrath (w/ Ben Jones) as soon as I know. Thanks.